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The Method

36 University ACT Prep is effective, efficient, AND engaging. Through the use of imagery, motion graphics, and simple explanations, we make even the most complex concepts understandable and memorable.

Our curriculum is designed to ensure students know what to expect on the ACT and how best to attack each section.  To accomplish this, our seasoned education experts have thoroughly analyzed every released ACT item.  We know which concepts are likely to appear on the ACT, how frequently to expect them, and the context in which they will likely be presented.  The program targets specific skills students need to excel and tracks their progress.

36 University is engaging so students will use the program. 36 University is robust and skill-targeting in order to be effective. That’s the 36 University ACT Prep advantage.


The Program

HD Motion Graphics

36 University ACT Prep delivers instruction through brain-compatible, visually-engaging motion graphics, instead of lecture-based videos or PowerPoint presentations. Each aspect of the motion graphics videos is constructed so you can connect with and remember the instruction, enabling you to do your best on the ACT.

Note-Taking Guides

One page note-taking guides assure you key in on the most important pieces of instruction.  As you watch the videos, complete the guides to maximize time spent reviewing. This tool caters to an additional learning style, making it even easier to remember the material. You will be surprised how effective the guides really are!

Mini Quizzes

Content mastery and test-taking speed are both critical, so our quizzes address both. Our 70+ mini quizzes are compact and timed. This enables you to identify quickly the concepts you need to practice and promotes increased test-taking speed.  Each quiz consists of 5 to 10 items pulled from our test bank of over 1,400 items, ensuring you get the practice you need to maximize your score.

The Outcome

36 University is a unique, cutting edge program designed to help you get your best ACT score. We believe our robust program — the note-taking guides, the motion graphics videos, and the mini quizzes — is the best ACT review plan on the market.  Students enjoy using our program, and it shows in their scores. We think you’ll agree — especially when you receive your improved ACT score!

  • Math

    There is no better place than 36 University for ACT Math review. You’ll find curriculum review and test-taking strategies for Pre-Algebra through Precalculus, and the motion graphics videos are packed with easy-to-remember illustrations. The 30+ compact quizzes will help ensure you’ve retained the instruction. You’ll be surprised to find how quickly you become proficient on the ACT Math section! Check out the motion graphic snippet on this panel. Read more

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  • English

    Utilize the motion graphics to get an overview of the ACT English section and to review frequently tested topics like punctuation, redundancy, and transitions. Utilize the skill-targeting quizzes to assess your understanding and pinpoint where you need more practice. Watch the clip from the redundancy video on this panel to get a feel for the instruction you’ll receive! Read more

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  • Reading

    You’ll need to be prepared to attack four passages on the ACT Reading section – Literary Narrative (formerly Prose Fiction),  Social Science, Humanities, and Natural Science. In each of those passages, there are six question types you’ll need to master. We’ll give you practice on each of the question types as well as two practice passages for each of the four essay types! Read more

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  • Science

    Even if you’re not the next Edison, you can still earn a good score on the ACT Science section! Our motion graphics will provide you with an overview of what you can expect and teach you how best to handle the tables and graphs you will encounter. The quizzes will give you the practice you need to get ready! Read more

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We are still excited to offer ACT Training classes for Chattanooga area students! The list of offerings can be found here.

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