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36 University Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is the subscription only $15 per month?

We know our product is superior to many of the other ACT Prep programs that are available for $300 or more. Instead of trying to find the occasional student who could afford such an exorbitant price, we chose to offer our service for $15 per month because our heart is to help students realize their educational dreams. By offering our program at such an affordable rate, we think we are going to be able to help more students do just that! Don’t subscribe because it’s cheap; subscribe because it’s the best ACT Prep Program available.

2. I make good grades, but I’m not a good test taker. Can you help me?

You have come to the right place. At 36 University, we know that the ACT likes to frame concepts you’ve learned in class in ways different than you were likely presented by your teacher. You’ll notice that we conclude most of our videos with ‘How Will This Look on the ACT?’. After reviewing ACT-specific content, we show you the contexts in which the ACT is most likely to test that concept.

3. How is 36 University different than other ACT Prep providers?

Unlike other test prep companies, all of our research and energies are focused on providing the best possible ACT Prep. We are ACT Prep only!

We believe there are better ways to learn than lectures; that’s why all of our instruction is delivered through motion graphics.

Other test prep providers rely on lengthy videos to prep students. Our motion graphics are compact (about 5 minutes) and jam-packed with powerful illustrations. Skill-specific videos also come with downloadable note-taking guides to help ensure students retain the information!

4. Do you provide curriculum instruction or is this about test-taking tricks?

While 36 University does believe there are test-taking strategies every student should know, we believe the best way to get a high score is to understand the concepts thoroughly. Therefore, we focus on helping students get a firm grasp on topics that are often-tested on the ACT!

5. What is a motion graphic?

Infographics are visual representations designed to make complex information easily and quickly understood. Motion graphics are infographics in motion! Instead of a quick visual, motion graphics are compact, yet dynamic, brain-compatible videos with an animated feel. Through the use of motion graphics, we review ACT-specific concepts in a way that is designed to increase understanding and retention. We think you’ll agree: through the use of motion graphics, you can learn more in five minutes than you can in a full hour of lecture-based instruction.

6. Why motion graphics instead of a PowerPoint or lecture?

According to Mind Tools, approximately 65% of the population are visual learners. Lectures rely too heavily on hearing retention (30% of learners). Motion graphics are designed to cater to visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners.  Visual and kinesthetic learners will also find our note-taking guides to be especially helpful.  In short, we believe students learn in a variety of ways, and we design instruction to be as effective as possible for as many students as possible. (Besides, motion graphics are much more engaging than lectures.)

7. Do you offer practice items?

Yes, each lesson has at least one, and sometimes as many as five, mini quizzes. There are more than 150 mini quizzes that draw from extensive questions banks.

8. Do you offer full-length practice tests?

Our program is designed to help you work through ACT items quickly and effectively by reviewing  ACT-specific concepts. Instead of full-length practice tests, we rely on cumulative final quizzes for English, Math, Reading, and Science. For full-length practice tests, we recommend using actual ACT Inc. You’ll find those linked in our program.

9.  How does the monthly billing and payment process work? 

When you register for 36U ACT Prep, the fee for the first month of access is billed. Then, you will be billed each month you are enrolled in the program.  In this way, your monthly membership remains active until you decide to cancel it. To protect you, your credit card information is not maintained on our website.

10. How do I cancel my membership to the 36 University ACT Prep monthly program?

On the “My Account” page, there is an option to cancel your membership.  There will be no further monthly fees charged to you after you cancel.