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ACT test prep
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36U Quizzes

At 36U, we use our comprehensive library of released ACT items to develop quiz items that help you develop and review skills that will improve your ACT score.

Our program contains 150+ mini quizzes that draw items from a test bank of 2,500+ items.  Most quizzes are configured to display 5 to 8 items that test your competency on concepts you’ll need to master for the ACT.

Every item has a hint (for students who need a nudge in the right direction) and a detailed solution (so you’ll know exactly how we suggest you arrive at the answer).

Example Quiz Item

Take a look at an example quiz item:


The Solution

And whether you answer the item correctly or not, the step-by-step solution appears on your screen before you click NEXT to head to the next problem:


Progress Tracking

As you ace each quiz, green check marks are displayed to track your progress!