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                               A Niagara Falls Celebration Trip

      It was a gorgeous day crystal clear and cool, as we left Buffalo for our   
celebratory trip to Niagara Falls. My sister was wanting me to be the
special guest, because I had just completed cancer treatments. As we
approached the town of Niagara Falls she pointed out the mist from the
falls. I knew the falls must be really big, because I could see the mist
when we were miles away.
     We drove through part of Niagara Falls State Park first. The park,
with trails and views, were pretty, and it had access to islands, but
I wasn’t up to walking much. [5] My sister did a great job of finding
close parking so that I could get a view of the falls and not have to
walk far. I didn’t have much stamina because of the cancer treatments,
and I couldn’t stand or walk for very long. That area had an abundance
of many benches, which were perfect for me to sit and rest often.


     First, we saw the river rapids and the mist, which was my most
favorite part, and then we heard the roar, so we knew that the falls
were close. Canada has the best view of the falls, however, my passport
had expired, and I needed to have one to get into Canada.  Even though I
was limited to the American side, I was content to see the falls from
right next to them instead of across from them, and my not having a
passport didn’t ruin their day.  [10]


     We had the company of other tourists that day, many that were
international:  Japanese, French, Eastern European, and Indian.
We took photos from around the world for a wonderful mix of
friendly people, happy to be out on a spring day, drawn to a
beautiful place in nature.


     [1] That was the perfect day for my sister and me. [2] I got
to be outside by famous waterfalls but didn’t have to walk too
far or for too long. [3] But perhaps best of all was that the day
was a celebration of my being through with cancer treatments
and my being able to travel and have fun. [4] I got to spend time
with my sister and see people from other countries.