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Expected Value Challenge Item Giveaway

November 2018

Statistics and probability are a new focus for the ACT.  We at 36U have come up with a fun challenge to help you prepare for this new focus area–AND to give you a chance to win prizes!

act-prep-math-challenge-item-forsyth-park-fountainThe Problem

In a fountain, there are 1,000 quarters, 2,000 dimes, 2,000 nickels, and 5,000 pennies. A student randomly draws a coin from the fountain each day for 3 years, records its value, and tosses it back into the fountain.

Let x equal the value of a coin drawn randomly from the fountain. If all coins are equally likely to be drawn, regardless of coin size, what is the expected value (long-run average) of x?

A. 1¢

B. 4¢

C. 6¢

D. 8¢

E. 10¢


How Do I Enter the Contest?

Take a pic of your solution, with your work included, and post as a reply to any of our Expected Value Fountain Challenge social media posts OR email to support@36university.com. Submissions must be posted by midnight eastern time on November 15th. Impress us with your easily-understood, clear solution!

act-prep-math-challenge-item-3shirts-giveawayWhat Will I Win?

The winner will receive the 36U Winter Care Package:

1 month access to 36U ACT Prep

36U Tee (Long-sleeve)

$15 Starbucks gift card

How Will 36U Choose a Winner?

At 36U, we value simple, precise solutions. We will draw a winner on November 16th from among entries with correct answers and easy-to-understand explanations. The winner’s submission will be included in  our solution post.