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Nearly every student will take the ACT at some point in their educational odyssey.

Most fear the hated test, which measures college aptitude with a hard-nosed number grade that maxes out at 36. The math section alone requires students to complete 60 problems in 60 minutes. That doesn’t leave much room for playing with Pythagorean theorems or scribbling out formulas.

Some parents shell out hard cash for their kids to study sessions designed to help them help beat the system. Those sessions can cost hundreds of dollars and last for hours and hours, soaking up valuable weekend time.

“Nobody wants to sit through a four-hour session,” said Kendall Shipley, co-founder of 36 University…Read more.


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…Kendall Shipley came in third with 36 University, an online ACT preparation program that helps high school students better prepare for the college admissions test by telling them what to expect, how to expect it and how often it will probably appear…Read more


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36 University is a research-based ACT prep provider that helps students translate success in the classroom to success on the test by offering an online training program and using short videos to teach an ACT-specific curriculum. Read more