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36U ACT Prep – Reading

The ACT reading test can seem overwhelming. The section consists of four passages, each consisting of approximately 750 words. You’re only given an average of about nine minutes to read and answer the questions for each passage.

What does 36U ACT Prep do for you?

We have identified the specific question types that appear in all four passages. Instead of working through practice test after practice test, 36U helps you target the skills necessary to answer those question types.

Here is your roadmap to success:

Step 1: Practice key concepts (e.g. finding the main idea, determining inferences) as many times as you need until you master the skills.

Step 2: Once you have honed the required skills, you’re ready to test them in context.  36 University’s ACT reading curriculum gives you access to multiple full-length practice passages for each passage type so you can be sure you’re ready for test day.

Learn the strategies. Use the quizzes for proficiency and speed. Work through the practice tests.