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36U ACT Prep – English

The makers of the ACT list the English concepts they expect you to understand:  “punctuation, grammar and usage, sentence structure, strategy, organization, and style.” 36U experts study every released ACT so we know exactly how it tests each of those concepts.

Here’s the 36U formula for success:

Step 1: Fill in the one page note-taking guides while you watch the motion graphics videos.

Step 2: Target specific skills by working through sets of mini quizzes, from simple to ACT-level difficult.

Step 3: Prove your mettle by acing the full-length final exams.

Instead of just providing access to practice tests, 36U targets specific concepts that will  show up on the ACT.  The program gives you the instruction you need to learn the material and the practice required to let you know you’ve mastered those concepts.